Hello, World!

Written by squifi+heddha

Getting the theme ready and running.

If you like the theme, it is publicly available @ rubygems.org

The name is jekyll-theme-terminal.

The colour theme is closely modelled after the elflord theme available for the vim editor. Due to our constant usage of command-line interface browsers and feeling annoyed about heavy link-laden sites on the internet, we decided to create this theme for jekyll.

Why Jekyll?
Markdown is a really great tool which allows us to work efficiently and quickly. Jekyll provides all the necessary tools required to facilitate the ease of use provided by markdown and builds this nice site. While we were at it we decided to just go ahead and flesh out a theme for everyone to use. You may use the theme freely, change it, rename it etc. We don’t really mind as it was mainly built for this collection of pages.

tl;dr: We made this jekyll theme. It’s MIT licensed.


heddha & squifi.

[heddha+squifi@https://unicorn.university]$cd ~